Who Is QueerCare?

QueerCare’s mission statement is to assist queer individuals with the care they need.

Many people in the LGBTQ+ community face hardships that leave them in poverty, harassed, or without the support system needed to undertake medical procedures and gender-affirming surgeries.

We hope to make it easier for trans, GNC, and LGBTQ people to plan and schedule their medical procedures knowing that they have a community-based support system that will be there for them throughout the process.

We offer free pre/post-operative support. We offer both financial support through reimbursements and in-person volunteer support. Our services include, but are not limited to:

- Help with basic post-op care that a surgeon or nurse would explain

- Light bandage changing/cleaning, drain clearings

- Keeping a medication log

- Transportation

- Meal prep/cooking

- Grocery shopping

- Laundry and cleaning

- Pet or child care

- Emotional support and accompaniment throughout and after surgical proceedings

Most of the requests that we receive are for support with gender-affirming surgeries, however, we support the entire LGBTQ community- even with surgeries or diseases that are not transition-related. Some examples: people struggling with autoimmune disorders including HIV and AIDS, and people fighting cancer.


Following our mission and values, QueerCare especially prioritizes care requests from Black trans women.


What are the foundational beliefs/values?

We believe in the rights of queer people to ascertain and achieve the means necessary to feel at peace with their bodies.

We believe in their need for affirming care and we hope to fulfill what needs they may have.

It is our goal to fill the needs of trans individuals and thus create a safe space for them to heal. Our organization is built on core values of honesty, transparency, equality, respect, and love.


Media Mentions: 

We would love your help getting the word out to more people about the free support we might be able to offer them.


Please help us get the word out about our services by inviting us to table at your NYC, Bay Area, or Chicago area event, telling your friends, telling other trans and LGBTQ people on Reddit about us, telling your medical providers about us, interacting with us on Instagram, inviting us on your podcasts, writing pieces about our work, and more!


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