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QueerCare offers financial support to trans people undergoing surgery anywhere in the US and 100% free post-operative support following medical procedures for the LGBTQ community in NYC and SF. 

Services offered

1. Financial reimbursements for costs related to surgery (save your receipts!)

2. Cooking, cleaning, transportation, shelter, pet care, laundry, in person or virtual socializing, surgery-specific aftercare, patient advocacy, and more.


*Please be aware that we are a volunteer-run organization that does not have an extensive background check process for new volunteers. We make our best effort to protect you and your personal information, but we are a "use at your own risk" free resource.*


*Please note: we do not respond to care requests until at most one month before your anticipated procedure date. You might not hear back from us until then, but that doesn't mean that your request was not received!*


*Please be aware that we have separate lists of care requests based on the city where support is needed. It'll save us a little time if you double-check which link you click*


To request support in New York City, please fill out the form below:


To request support in San Francisco, please fill out the form below:


Is your city not yet listed? Feel free to use either the SF or NYC link for virtual support. We would love to expand our in-person services! Please feel free to reach out and get involved with our work. Financial support through reimbursements also may be available to people outside of NYC or SF. If in doubt, feel free to submit a request for support that explains your situation. We will read it, I promise!