Meet the Team

Where are we based? How'd we get involved with QueerCare? What do we do with the organization? What do we do in our regular lives - for work and/or for fun? If we were one inch tall where would we hide (or another silly fact)?


Nonprofit Co-President, Finance and Communications Committees Co-Chair, Care Coordinator:

Lee Mariño Clyne (they/he/elle/él)

I'm an out queer and transmasc non-binary disabled Latine person formerly based in the Bay Area who is now leading the organization virtually from the Midwest. I am Co-President of QueerCare's admin team, Co-Chair for the Finance and Communications Committees, a Care Coordinator, and an in-person volunteer. As a certified full-spectrum doula, I've been involved in care work in one form or another since 2018. As a future physician, I dream of one day serving my trans community as a direct medical provider. I'm passionate about being there to support members of our community through various health journeys in the meantime, however I can! A small Latine transmasc person already, if I were only one inch tall I wouldn't hide, I would seek accommodations and become a motivational speaker! 



Nonprofit Co-President, Care Coordinator, In-Person Volunteer:

Morgan (they/he)

I'm a QueerCare Co-President and Care Coordinator based in Brooklyn, but my favorite part of volunteering is doing in-person care shifts and meeting trans folks all over NYC. I am passionate about ensuring that our community members have access and resources to receive gender-affirming care and I'm grateful that QueerCare allows me to be a part of offering that support. Outside of QC, I currently work as a transplant coordinator associate at NYU Hospital but hope to one day be a medical provider for the LGBTQ community.



Nonprofit Co-President, Care Coordinator:

Ella Melquiades (she/her)

I am a Brazilian trans Black woman and I am based in NYC. I have engaged in the field of social empowerment for the LGBTQ+ community in different roles over the past three years. My main focus has been supporting the community through healthcare. I have worked as Patient Care Associate at Callen-Lorde and specialized in the HOTT Program (Health Outreach to Teens). I am currently employed at Apicha Community Health Center as a Medical Case Manager. I serve QueerCare Inc as a member of the admin board and a Care Coordinator. As a board member, I utilize mentorship and care coordination strategies to oversee the creation of care plans and assign volunteer support. I love QueerCare because it provides work for the community done by members of the community, the true meaning of representation. Silly fact: I use geographic channel documentaries to go to sleep!



Vice President, Care Coordinator:

Julia (she/they)

Hellooo I'm a queer femme born and living in the Bay Area! I'm Vice President for the admin team, a Care Coordinator, and volunteer. I joined Queer Care in April of 2021 as a volunteer and admin member helping onboard volunteers, and later transitioned to a Care Coordinator for SF and NYC. I really appreciate the QueerCare community and the amazing people I've been able to meet. During the week I work as a Pediatric Medical Scribe at a community health center in East Palo Alto and Mountain View and I'm passionate about supporting early education for our kiddos. After work you'll find me training for a race, practicing my Spanish (I'm a no sabo kid in training), or at a concert/Cumbia night. If I were one inch tall I would hide to find the chisme and eavesdrop.



Nonprofit Admin, Care Coordinator:

Carol (she/they)

I’m a QueerCare admin based in San Francisco, CA. I’ve been involved with QC since February of 2021, and was drawn to the organization because I’ve helped so many friends recover from gender-affirming surgeries and know it’s important to have support! To me, the most beautiful thing to see is a trans person living in their true self. I started as an in-person volunteer, but as my in-person work hours as a hairstylist increased, I transferred over to an admin position. I still take an occasional in-person shift here & there. I’m involved in most facets of the operations of QueerCare and am happy to help where I can. I’ve had experience in community organizing through helping to plan a women’s & trans arts festival, being involved with roller derby, and just helping out in the community. Most of my time not involved with QC or working with hair is spent with my longtime partner & dogs, as well as family; and enjoying art & music and occasionally being creative myself. I love the Bay Area and the coast and love to appreciate its beauty. If I were one inch tall, I'd hide on my dogs' backs and see everything from their perspective!



Treasurer and Finance Committee Co-Chair:

Charlie (he/they)

I am a transgender medical student from the SF Bay Area who was formerly living in NYC, so QueerCare is like, exactly all the things I love at once in the places I love. I've worked with QC since January of 2021 and am the Treasurer! I used to work in theatre and I love chickens. If I were one inch tall I would try to saddle my cats.



Admin and Volunteer Coordinator: 

Ray (he/him)

I'm a queer man living in NYC & also a college student in Pennsylvania! I have been with QC since the summer of 2022 and mostly do volunteer onboarding. I love to cook and make pies and hang out with my sisters, and if I were one inch tall I would probably ask a friend to keep me in their pocket for protection! That seems safer than trying to survive by myself!




Carmen Cristina Garcia (she/her)

I am a Latina trans woman, with a career focus of helping my community. I co-founded QueerCare alongside Aubri Tokar and the rest of our team in January of 2021 in Brooklyn, during the ongoing COVID pandemic. Seeing my already marginalized community struggle with securing aftercare for life-saving surgery, I sought to do all I could to make sure fewer obstacles were in the way for LGBTQ people. I am a full time psychology student at Brooklyn College, and applying to Masters of Mental Health Counseling Programs.